Soil Management

Soil Management is the process of maintaining a commercial or residential property. This Process covers soil testing - determining what the soil needs to be on to produce better results. Once We have a scope of what needs to be done with the soil from our soil sample, we then proceed to soil conditioning and soil alterations, which will change the soil to be more applicable to soil fertilization.

Soil Sample And Analysis

Sometimes lawn or tree fertilizer are put in the ground and nothing happens. What do you do? Did you apply enough of the fertilizer? Did the people you hired really use fertilizer or just water? What is the real problem? These are common questions that homeowners in Houston are asking frequently. If soil pH is not in the proper range a tree cannot absorb certain nutrients. It is not uncommon for a tree to die of malnutrition even though the surrounding soil has a plethora of nutrients. In order to properly treat a tree, you always begin with a proper diagnosis. It has become common practice to fertilize based on plant type while ignoring soil pH, soil type, and existing soil nutrient levels. The only way to properly treat or fertilize a tree is take a soil sample and submit it to a laboratory for analysis. Our ISA Certified Arborists at The Woodlands Arborist do this day in and day out. There is no one more qualified to analyze your soil and develop a comprehensive treatment plan than The Woodlands Arborist.
soil management
soil sample and analysis