Pine Bark Beetle Treatment

The Woodlands Arborist is your ultimate solution for Pine Bark Beetles. Our proprietary system for tree trunk injections is like no other. The Drill, Plug and Injection method is far more effective than any other method available on the market. We service all subdivisions of The Woodlands including: Sterling Ridge, Alden Bridge, Cochran's Crossing, College Park, Creekside Park, Grogan's Mill, Indian Springs, Panther Creek and Research Forest.

What Is A Pine Bark Beetle?

The Southern Pine Bark Beetle is an insect that attacks pine trees. They are attracted to drought stressed trees or distressed trees. The Southern Pine Bark Beetle is approximately the size of a grain of rice and burrows a hole through the bark and into the Phloem, Cambium and Xylem layers of the Pine tree. These layers are the vascular layers of the tree (like our veins and arteries). Although small, the Southern Pine Bark Beetle attacks the tree in large numbers so the number of bore holes in the tree is in the hundreds to thousands. Ultimately, the vascular system of the tree is disrupted to the extent that vital nutrients are no longer able to make it to the tree foliage and the tree eventually dies. This takes as little as 14 days from the time of entry.



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