Tree Disease And Pest Control

​There is not another company in Houston that offers the quality of comprehensive tree care than what we offer at The Woodlands Arborist. Root/Soil injections, tree and shrub Spraying, Deep root injections, Trunk injections, micro-injections, micro-infusion and macro-infusion all have a place in tree health care. While most companies only offer one method of treatment and stick with it, the ISA Certified Arborists at The Woodlands Arborist understand that tree health care is bigger than any individual product line. While there may be times that only one method will be required, usually there are several forms of intervention needed to correct a health problem. Insects are most often a secondary symptom of a primary issue and is not the source of the problem. Consulting an HONEST and Professional ISA Certified Arborist at The Woodlands Arborist is your first step. We will meet with you, identify the problem with the tree, discuss the problem in depth, take a soil sample (if needed), take a DNA sample (if needed) and explain all of your options and costs up front with no surprises or high pressured sales pitch. We are Arborists, not salesmen.

tree disease and pest control