Tree Trimming (Pruning)

The Woodlands Arborist is the premier local tree service company serving the Woodlands, TX. Our tree trimming is among the most natural and manicured trimming available. There are primarily four different ways to trim a tree - crown cleaning, crown raising, crown reduction and crown thinning. We offer all of them and we will advise you against any unhealthy trimming methods. We will always haul the debris and clean up the mess unless otherwise indicated. Our arborist crews are among the top tree care professionals in Texas and will ensure safety not only to themselves but the property owners and neighbors.

Clearing Tree Limbs

We understand the importance of tree care and tree health. In many cases unhealthy trees will lose tree limbs that fall on power lines causing power outages and this can be stressful for homeowners. Our arborists will advice you about unhealthy trees near power lines so that this problem will never occur. Finding a Certified Arborist that will be able to maintain the beauty and symmetry of your trees while also removing high risk limbs and deadwood can be tricky. Look no further! With our experienced Woodlands Arborist you will see the beauty of your trees come to life!

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