Sick Tree Diagnosis

Trees do get sick, but not in the way we do. There are many different ways a tree can show signs that it is sick or dying. When a tree has a problem, it goes through a process to try and eliminate it. It reduces resources in areas to help offset the issue that is causing it harm. Tree disease may not be something a common person may notice until it's too late. Having an arborist who can identify markers on the tree's leaves show they are in a state of "stress". Our Arborist will explain why a tree is stressed and what could be the issues to be concerned with and areas that are minor and can wait.

Signs Of Disease

Our ISA certified arborists are the best tree doctors in Texas. Our professional arborists are able to recognize infected branches and leaves that could lead to a sick tree and recommend the proper care needed to get the tree healthy again. The most common signs of disease are discolored leaves, white spots, white mildew, and leaf rust. Sick tree diagnosis can become complicated due to the environmental stress and tree species. The Woodlands Arborists are among the top arborists in the tree care industry today. Contact us today if you need a sick tree diagnosis.


sick tree diagnosis