Soil Alteration

Soil Alteration is needed when the soil becomes unable to sustain life. There are many ways soil can become barren; construction can cause soil to become like clay, and stop absorbing water known as "Hard Soil". Other alterations we make are altering the contents in some soils to help enrich the nutrients for macro life and for floral life. In some areas of the city, you may be surprised to know that there are different types of soil just 2 feet under the soil you plant on, this is due to the original contractors who built the neighborhood. These contractors will use either clay or sand to lay the foundation of each lot and this can change the nutrients and how root of plants will take hold.

Soil Quality

The best way to find out the quality of soil is to collect soil samples and send them to a soil testing laboratory. There are many factors and compounds that can affect soil quality. Whether it be soil temperature, soil microorganisms, soil bacteria, or soil water content, these can all have an affect on plant growth and soil fertility. The Woodlands Arborist specialize in improving soil productivity and use statistical analyses to give you the best advice possible.

soil alteration