Soil Conditioning

Soil Conditioning is the process of applying nutrients into the soil. Unlike fertilizing, changes to the density of the soil to hold more air and will allow the soil to hold more water and nutrients. Soil conditioning can also change the PH levels of the soil. Soil conditioning can be done by using clay soils, sandy soil, or organic material to help improve root growth, soil health, and plant health.

How To Improve Soil Conditions

Soil testing must be completed to find out soil quality and what type of soil should be used for healthy plant growth. Different types of plants require a different ideal soil texture. Garden plants and flower beds require much more soil moisture than a pine tree or acorn tree. Soil moisture can be improved by adding organic matter like manure, grass clippings, or leaf mulch. Soil conditioning is one of the top ways to improve your soil structure and plant growth. The Woodlands Arborist are happy to assist you in creating the perfect soil type for your lawn, trees, and plants.

soil conditioning