Soil Testing

Soil Testing is a process most arborists will use which help identify what elements and nutrients are in the soil. From this testing well receive to soil analysis, telling us soil fertility, soil texture, and soil acidity. This can paint a clear picture as to why you may be having problems growing plants. With this new data, our arborist can build a treatment plan that can alter the soil to be more hospitable for sustaining plant growth.

Improving Soil Quality

Our certified arborists collect thousands of soil samples and send them to the soil testing laboratory each year. These samples can be from trees, lawns, garden plants, or vegetable gardens. These soil tests are very important because they help us determine the soil type and what soil nutrients are needed for the best plant health possible. When we receive the soil test report our arborists will find what plant nutrients are needed for healthy growth to help your lawn and plants thrive. Not only will our arborists give you fertilizer recommendations, but will assist you with fertilizer applications. The Woodlands Arborists are here to help you maintain the property of your dreams!

soil testing