Tree Cataloging & Appraisals

What is tree cataloging? It is the process of recording the type of tree on the property, how many of these species, where on the lot it’s located, and its health and value (your trees have huge economic value!). This value is based on size, health, water absorption, and energy cost savings. We have helped thousands of residents with tree purchasing and help them through the process with ease. Did you know, trees provide shade that can reduce the temperature in the area up to 10 to 15%. How much value do you have on your property?

Tree cataloging is very beneficial to new homeowners. This tree survey will give you a cost effective analysis as to what healthy trees you have and if you have damaged trees that should be removed. Our ISA certified aborists are the best at finding insect infestation and tree damage. The most common insect infestation in Texas is the pine bark beetle. The pine bark beetle mostly attacks pine trees and can bore holes the size of a grain of rice in the side of the tree that could lead to a sick or dying tree. If our aborists notice an insect infestation we will create a treatment plan with suitable methods to take care of the problem.

Tree appraisals are based on the overall health of a tree. Most people don't realize there are sick or damaged trees on their property. Our arborists are able to conduct a tree appraisal by collecting different types of soil samples, soil testing, leaf tissue, and roots of plants. The Woodlands Arborists are among the top ISA certified arborists in the tree service industry in the United States. Let us help you today!


tree cataloging and appraisals