Tree Line Clearing

We provide the tree care industry with the finest climbing arborists one can find. We have a rigorous training and skills testing process that allows us to only accept the best. We can scale up for large projects on short notice and without sacrificing quality. All our line clearance climbers are QLCA certified, which means they have passed the Electrical Hazards Awareness Training test and coursework, demonstrated aerial rescue techniques, have on the job training, are CPR and first aid training. Our clearance climbers have demonstrated successful work skills and complete annual electrical safety training requirements. Additionally, we can provide personnel with OSHA 10 and 30 certifications. Our Woodlands Arborist service stands out as the most professional, efficient, and responsive company in the line clearance industry. From secondary lines to transmission lines, in cities or in rural mountains, we have worked from coast to coast in the United States on the highest profile tree projects ever conducted.

Our Track Record

Over the years our arborists have dealt with hundreds of damaged trees that have been knocked over on to power lines. This is a very dangerous job and we take pride in making sure our arborists are safe and capable of getting the job done. When it comes to tree trimming around energized lines our arborists set the standard in professionalism and safety. Whether it be a tall pine that has fallen over or just a few tree limbs, you can always call the Woodlands Arborist and we will be happy to assist you.

tree line clearance